We welcome and include everyone in our community and value individuality and diversity.

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Acceptable use of IT v8.pdf(244.58 KB) 244.58 KB
Assessment Policy Higher Education.pdf(202.74 KB) 202.74 KB
Assessment Policy - FE - V6.1.pdf(162.91 KB) 162.91 KB
Attendance Policy 14-16 2021 - V5.1 (1).pdf(162.14 KB) 162.14 KB
Bursary Policy v12.pdf(214.32 KB) 214.32 KB
Careers Information Advice and Guidance Policy.pdf(192.25 KB) 192.25 KB
College Approach to Supporting Student and Staff Mental Health and Well-Being Policy - v1.pdf(201.34 KB) 201.34 KB
Complaints Policy v8.1.pdf(169.7 KB) 169.7 KB
Control of ICT Software and Hardware - v6.1 (1).pdf(192.41 KB) 192.41 KB
Copyright Policy v3.pdf(163.47 KB) 163.47 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility v7.pdf(210.42 KB) 210.42 KB
COVID 19 Health and Safety Policy Nov 2020.pdf(537.33 KB) 537.33 KB
Data Protection Policy.pdf(358.38 KB) 358.38 KB
DBS Policy and Procedure v 5.pdf(279.6 KB) 279.6 KB
Disability Equality Policy v6.2.pdf(203.54 KB) 203.54 KB
Equality and Diversity Policy v8.2.pdf(186.87 KB) 186.87 KB
E-Safety Policy v4.1 (1).pdf(194.59 KB) 194.59 KB
E-Scooter Cycle Policy.pdf(176 KB) 176 KB
Exclusion Policy 14-16 v6.1.pdf(137.62 KB) 137.62 KB
External Speakers Policy v4.1.pdf(164.92 KB) 164.92 KB
Fees Policy 22-23 v13.pdf(189.37 KB) 189.37 KB
FE Admissions Policy v9.1.pdf(193.49 KB) 193.49 KB
FE Internal Verification Policy v7.pdf(148.02 KB) 148.02 KB
Flexible Working Policy v1.2.pdf(203.95 KB) 203.95 KB
Fraud and Bribery Policy v3.1.pdf(250.25 KB) 250.25 KB
Freedom of Information Policy v8.pdf(150.15 KB) 150.15 KB
FE Malpractice and Maladministration Policy v1.pdf(193.42 KB) 193.42 KB
Gender Pay Reporting - March 2020.pdf(151.85 KB) 151.85 KB
Gender Equality Policy V11.1.pdf(225.21 KB) 225.21 KB
TCC Health and Safety Policy v11.1.pdf(2.2 MB) 2.2 MB
Grievance Policy v7.pdf(169.33 KB) 169.33 KB
Health Safety (Apprenticeship - Industry - Work Experience) Vetting Policy v1.pdf(332.12 KB) 332.12 KB
HE Admissions Policy v1.pdf(166.51 KB) 166.51 KB
HE - Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy v4.1.pdf(233.8 KB) 233.8 KB
HE Withdrawal Policy v1.1.pdf(178.38 KB) 178.38 KB
Industry Placement Work Experience Policy and Procedure V1.pdf(305.06 KB) 305.06 KB
Information Security Policy v6.1 (1).pdf(213.88 KB) 213.88 KB
Internal Assessment Appeals Policy v10.2.pdf(176.67 KB) 176.67 KB
Learning Support Policy v4.1.pdf(223.3 KB) 223.3 KB
Leave of Absence Policy V14.pdf(241.39 KB) 241.39 KB
Late Submission of Coursework (HE) Policy v10.1.pdf(128.53 KB) 128.53 KB
Management of Alcohol or Substance Related Incidents V9.pdf(275.15 KB) 275.15 KB
Maths-English Policy v4.1.pdf(174.33 KB) 174.33 KB
Modern Slavery Act.pdf(422.4 KB) 422.4 KB
Plagiarism Policy v8.pdf(194.57 KB) 194.57 KB
Prayer Room Policy v4.pdf(128.92 KB) 128.92 KB
Prevention of Bullying Policy v9.2.pdf(273.78 KB) 273.78 KB
Public Access to Board Meetings and Publication of Minutes v2.pdf(113.93 KB) 113.93 KB
Public Interest Disclosure Procedure v7.pdf(169.43 KB) 169.43 KB
PREVENT and Terrorism Policy.pdf(560.73 KB) 560.73 KB
Public Access to Board Meetings and Publication of Minutes v3.pdf(230.36 KB) 230.36 KB
Quality Policy v6.1.pdf(153.88 KB) 153.88 KB
Race Equality Policy holocaust definition v8.2.pdf(193.21 KB) 193.21 KB
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy v6.1.pdf(205.1 KB) 205.1 KB
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure v8.pdf(508.41 KB) 508.41 KB
Relocation Expenses Policy - v3.1.pdf(257.73 KB) 257.73 KB
Remote Working Policy v1_0.pdf(196.72 KB) 196.72 KB
Safeguarding Policy and Procedure v10.pdf(1.5 MB) 1.5 MB
Security Policy v6.pdf(355.33 KB) 355.33 KB
Social Media Policy v3.1.pdf(178.82 KB) 178.82 KB
Student Attendance Policy v7.1.pdf(182.07 KB) 182.07 KB
Student Disciplinary Policy V13.2.pdf(262.17 KB) 262.17 KB
Student Protection Plan.pdf(213.39 KB) 213.39 KB
Student Voice Policy v1.1.pdf(259.38 KB) 259.38 KB
Sub Contracting Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy v12 (1).pdf(153.71 KB) 153.71 KB
Supply-chain Fees and Charges 15-16.xlsx(20.89 KB) 20.89 KB
Transgender Protocol June 2009 updated 29 Jan 2018.pdf(268.6 KB) 268.6 KB
Tutorial Support Policy v8.1.pdf(188.74 KB) 188.74 KB
Tuition Fund Statement.pdf(106.59 KB) 106.59 KB
Tyne Coast College Careers Strategy.pdf(949.07 KB) 949.07 KB
Tyne Coast College Trade Union Facility Time Data (website)2019.docx(23.28 KB) 23.28 KB
UKVI Policy v7.pdf(74.84 KB) 74.84 KB
Work Placement Policy v6.2.pdf(303.83 KB) 303.83 KB
Youth College (14-16) Attendance Policy v6.pdf(140.56 KB) 140.56 KB
Youth College (14-16) Exclusion Policy v7.pdf(138.67 KB) 138.67 KB

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values drive our delivery of first-class provision and show a clear commitment of support to all students equally.

With a mission to provide outstanding educational opportunities, we will benefit learners and the communities we serve. Doing so will satisfy our vision to grow further as a world-class educational facility, operating with a focus that develops the potential of all.

Following these paths will allow us to play a key role in ensuring the long-term prosperity of our region, through the creation of skills that drive economic growth.

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