We believe the needs of employers should shape our curriculum.

Bigger, Better, Stronger

LATEST NEWS: Tyne Coast College offers a new and exciting vision for education and training in the North East. Click here to read more.

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Tyne Coast College offers a new and exciting vision for education and training in the North East.

Our diverse and innovative vocationally-driven curriculum, close links to employers and ambition to deliver outstanding provision, puts students on a clear course to academic attainment and career success.


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Mission & Values

Our mission, vision and values drive our delivery of first-class provision and show a clear commitment of support to all students equally.

It is our mission to provide outstanding educational opportunities for the benefit of the students and the communities we serve.


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Our Businesses

Created from a merger of South Tyneside College and Tyne Metropolitan College, our programmes meet the skills needs of the North East and strongly support the region's economic growth and prosperity.

We cut across geographical boundaries, and our guiding vision creates opportunity for all to succeed, personally and professionally.


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Multi Academy Trust

Our Multi Academy Trust is sponsored by South Tyneside College, a large general Further Education college with a world-wide reputation in maritime education.

The Multi Academy Trust Aims to support North East schools through a collective vision to provide excellence in education for students of all ages.


Senior leadership team

Our key staff

Dr Lindsey Whiterod, CBE

Chief Executive
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Dr Lindsey Whiterod CBE

Jane Cuthbertson

Chief Finance Officer
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Jane Cuthbertson

Simon Ashton

Principal, South Shields Marine School
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Simon Ashton

Catherine Donnelly

Executive Director of Human Resources
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Catherine Donnelly

Lorraine Schapira

Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Lorraine Schapira

Craig Scott

Director of IT
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Craig Scott

Mandy Morris

Principal TyneMet / South Tyneside
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Mandy Morris

David Gardner

Assistant Principal (South Tyneside)
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: David Gardner

Lynsey Whitehead

Director of Business Engagement, Partnerships and Apprenticeships
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Lynsey Whitehead

Tony Pattinson

Director of Quality
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Tony Pattinson

Sabrina Ahmed-Qureshi

Director of Maths and English
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Sabrina Ahmed-Qureshi

Diane Turner

Vice Principal (TyneMet)
Photograph :: Senior Leadership Team :: Dianne Turner